Since 2016 Samia has delivered workshops to women’s groups including Southall Black Sisters in London, Angelou Centre in Newcastle and many others in between. 

Samia’s workshops are accessible, friendly, fun and empowering but nobody has to sing! 

‘I was inspired by the story and presentation’ participant 

She starts by sharing some of her songs in Urdu and English, carefully translating if necessary. Samia’s songs  are based on her own experiences of coming from a Pakistani, Muslim background, growing up as an immigrant in the UK, and about her personal journey to freedom  AZAADI - آزادی 

Samia gives participants the skills and tools to begin writing their own words, in their own languages, in a safe and supported atmosphere. We end by perhaps sharing some of the work produced, though nobody has to share anything. Often there will be a lively discussion about the issues and a talk about the future. Remember - nobody has to sing! 

‘This session filled me with hope power and strength' participant     

‘I can honestly say we have never heard such positive feedback about a workshop'   Pam Saleem Ashiana Network London

Listen below to one participant above finding her voice in a recent workshop at Angelou Women's Centre, Newcastle

Samia Malik’s Singing and Songwriting Workshops 2022. FOR VENUES - A printable poster for the Singing and Songwriting Workshops 766 KB