The Colour of The Heart: 01. Kooch Loag - Some People  02. Ma Ki Zabaan - Mothertongue 03. Colour of the Heart

January 1st 2023



May 2023 bring you peace and joy and lots of music! 


And to facilitate that remember to tune in to my new Youtube channel this evening to see the Premieres of my new never seen before lyric videos for the first three songs of my soon to be rereleased album


The Colour of The Heart 


- what out for postings on your social media of choice!


STARTING ON SUNDAY 1st January 2023


Kooch Loag - Some People at 6pm GMT 


Ma Ki Zabaan - Mothertongue at 6.15pm GMT 


Colour of Her Heart at 6.30pm GMT 


I am thrilled to be sharing this old work in a new format with you and cannot wait to hear what you think!



And why now? 

I hear you! 

Two reasons: 


As you know I am currently working on my new album Songs to Heal and Empower, which will be released in June 2023. 



That's the title and the fundamental question of this blog.


So it feels important to take a look back over my whole career at this stage, to put everything in context, and to celebrate the glorious people I have had the honour to work with. In particular, the incredible incomparable irreplaceable 

Sianed Jones. 

Many of you know she died early in 2022. I am still processing her loss, and the loss for all of us. But somehow that loss itself has made me rethink and want to honour my musical journey, of which she was a huge ongoing and vital part. It’s been a privilege (and also so hard to be quite truthful) to listen to her voice again a lot over the past few weeks, and it’s making me think deeply about art, and legacy, friendship love and life and death and everything in between. 

So the first reason is to honour and bear witness. 



Secondly, it's been years since I have been meaning to share this album which was released before digital distribution became possible. I have had videos that were good enough to share but without good audio, or great audio and no visuals. I go to deliver workshops or shows across the world and realised that most of my work is not freely available. 

Finally with this format I can share it so that anyone anywhere with an internet connection can listen. It doesn't need to be streamed. Just listened to. 

So the second reason is to make it widely accessible. 


As I write this I realise of course the two reasons are actually very connected. 


Something too about the ending of the year, and the beginning of the new one…but I will stop there. 


Do let me know your thoughts?


And just so you know over January every Sunday from 6pm there will be more FB Premieres of the rest of the tracks on the whole album.


Sent to you with my love! Happy New Year!


HAVE A LOVELY WEEK and I will catch up with you either this evening at 6pm or next Sunday in this blog same time same place! Or even both?!


Much love 

Samia X



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