Following a highly successful Arts Council supported R&D over the past year to learn about sound production by creating a recording studio, then writing, recording, editing, mixing and showcasing in live shows new bilingual songs based on Indian scales and rhythms, SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER will deliver the new material to a national and global audience.


I need YOUR help - please join me to deliver this new work out into the world! Click here to be redirected to the crowdfunder campaign 


Samia Malik Album 2023 SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER


                 Here is a 4 minute video to give you a flavour of the showcase of the R&D:















'Truly moving. Compelling and highly original' SONGLINES

'Iconic songs to heal and empower' writer and activist Amrit Wilson


SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER is the product of a period of R&D funded through the Arts Council Lottery Project Funding. To support the next round of funding from the Arts Council, the  launch and tour of this work can only take place with the support of other backers and supporters.


This is where YOU come in. 


I need to raise about £5,000 to contribute towards the costs of delivering SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER - in particular to :

1. Mixing mastering and duplicating the CDs/LPs 

2. Releasing 3 singles and launching the album live and digitally in March 2023 to coincide with International Women's Day

3. Touring the new material in 10 live dates across the UK from March 2023 including Norwich, London, Bradford, Birmingham, and Blackburn 


4. Working closely with local partners including Libraries Services, Rural Touring and Women's Centres to deliver supporting community workshops


Informed by written, online and live audience feedback (see below) and driven by a powerful national PR campaign, YOU can help me deliver SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER globally and online as well as to audiences across the UK through live performances and workshops. Your contribution will enable me to engage professional designers, photographers and video makers in the production and will help me market, publicise and share this work.


This is a selection of the written audience evaluations at the end of the showcase events in March 2022...

At the end I felt…aware, inspired, calm, peaceful, energised, relaxed, connected, very still, loved, connected, invigorated, uplifted, clearer, lighter, spiritually nourished, enriched, heard.

I loved hearing the new lyrics and drinking them up. The music soothed and touched. I was surprised that…it touched me so deeply. you were speaking things from my head…Samia was so honest and vulnerable! I felt such a range of emotions… the performance was very moving and uplifting… I cried…I was surprised that I would feel so emotional..I was surprised how one person could do so much on a stage Thank you for sharing your work in progress. It’s brave to put work out while still being formed - it makes you vulnerable. Thank you! I appreciate you sharing your process and your courage to speak of sitting with feelings so they can transform. Thank you - lovely to be able to sing Asian and ‘Western’ music and fuse the two


Here is the live steam of the full showcase for the R&D for 

SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER - please scroll to 1:06 for my set:
















The Perks (We all love Perks!)
Purchasing a perk is what will make the album release and tour possible, so please have a rummage around the goodie bag and grab one. Want a preview of the new material before the rest of the world?  An acoustic online gig?  Your name on the credits and my undying gratitude? You can also simply back the campaign if you prefer. Thank you. 


So I invite you to join me on this journey... will you jump on board?

Back the campaign, spread the word, spread the love?

In faith, and with so much love and gratitude  x Samia



Other Ways You Can Help

It's fine if you just can't contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help. Please get the word out and make some noise about SONGS TO HEAL AND EMPOWER - share this campaign widely with your friends and family or even just send me a supportive message! It's all good!



I need YOUR help - please join me to deliver this new work out into the world! Click here to be redirected to the crowdfunder campaign 


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