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Recent workshops, supported by the Lottery Fund of Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council, have included sessions at


Southall Black Sisters MIDDLESEX

Humraaz Women’s Refuge BLACKBURN

New Routes Women's Group NORWICH

Asha Women’s Centre Streatham LONDON

Angelou Women’s Centre NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE


Written Evaluations from participants in workshops and performances - May 2016 to August 2017

I was very low but this lifted me up. I realise the only person who can help me is me and I realise I can do what I need. You made me feel stronger. Empowering. I felt a part of the whole thing. I can relate this to my own experience. Fantastic. Brilliant. The great teacher brought out the best in us. Made me feel comfortable doing something unfamiliar. Given me confidence. I was surprised I could sing out loud. I was touched to my soul. The journey may be difficult but we will conquer. It was so interactive with women of so many backgrounds. The story was extraordinary. Heart-touching. I hope all vulnerable girls and women will see this show. We need more performances.  I felt understood and motivated. I was inspired by the story and presentation. It was great the whole way through. I was totally ‘Wow!’ So strong energetic and talented. Keep doing it, Samia you can’t imagine how much you inspire and give us hope. It was the awakening – the eye opening session. Felt healed. Felt like a rebel. Powerpacked performance. This session filled me with hope power and strength. She’s brilliant and magnificent. Please come back. I will make my life more beautiful now. So engaging. Was surprised how the powerful singing affected me. A great workshop for all women. Your CD will help me whenever I am desperate. I will now express my feelings through writing. Mesmerizing. I was uplifted to another plane. Spiritual communication. A supreme and total success. A great treat. An inspiring thematic presentation. Bold and brave songs. I appreciate this outlet to bleed heal and connect. Brilliant expression though art. The music and words helped me discover my emotions. It became therapy. I listened to your CD all this week and it has helped me lose my depression. I got confidence and strength and can learn from this how to live in the future. This gives me the courage to say to those who have oppressed me that ‘I am still alive’. Songs that are so meaningful and easy to sing. Creative. It felt good. Amazing performance. Excellent discussion. I did not understand all the words but could feel the meanings through the melodies. I was able to write out something I have been keeping in for a long time. I am so happy to be part of this session. My writing made me proud. I hope I can be powerful like her. Made me feel strong. Your acoustic voice is so powerful and you really champion it for Pakistani women. 


Songwriting workshops for groups in women’s organisations with the focus on empowerment through self-expression.


'I was surprised how easily I wrote my feelings and I want to do it again and again. I realised I am really powerful when I can say what I need. You gave me the tools I needed.'  Participants comments


Workshops open with Samia’s solo performance followed by songwriting sessions where participants are given practical strategies and encouraged to explore their own experiences through writing in their own language, in a safe and supported environment, usually followed up by discussions and a sharing of new material produced.


'I have noticed such a great change in the participant’s levels of confidence following your songwriting sessions. One woman who never even talks about her experiences didn't just write a whole song, she even shared it with the whole group'  Support workers comments


Samia Malik