Samia Malik

Singer / Songwriter / Artist     


For over 25 years Samia Malik has been exploring her experiences as a woman from a Pakistani, Muslim background growing up in the UK through writing, teaching, recording and touring her unique Ghazal songs in Urdu and English and more recently, through visual art.

In her new national touring show and related album Azaadi: Freedom,

Samia’s powerful songs, translations and visual art are accompanied by world class ‘sitarist to the stars’ Baluji Shrivastav OBE, ‘exceptional and versatile’

multi instrumentalist Sianed Jones, virtuoso tabla player Sukhdeep Singh

and live visuals from rising international moving image artist Seemab Gul.

Azaadi: Freedom is a unique and extraordinary musical experience,

charting a compelling narrative journey towards liberation through art.